About be.Streetwise

be.Streetwise is the creation of the 2 Andy’s

Andy Privett

Andy Privett provides the ideas and structure behind be.Streetwise.

As a martial artist and teacher, Andy has spent over 25 years empowering young people to make good decisions with respect to their personal safety. His work and life experiences have been in volatile settings where confrontation was a daily norm. I bet they signed a bit big.

Andy’s first real experience was that of working in children’s homes and adolescent units as a residential social worker. As a teacher he became a behavioural lead at a school that catered for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. In unison with these experiences he has developed a skill set in martial arts and has been a Ju Jutsu practitioner for almost three decades. Over the years he has developed a student base and has the pleasure of teaching hundreds of children and adults each and every week.

Continuing with his CPD (continued professional development), 5 years ago he attended a PDR (personal defence readiness) course in Scotland, and became an instructor under Coach Tony Blauer. Coach Blauer and Blauer Tactical is the world’s leading personal safety trainer for both the military and police.

This association with Blauer Tactical has now become a collaboration with PDR information, concepts and skills being cascaded through the Streetwise programmes.

It is Andy’s desire to make relevant, effective and appropriate personal safety skills readily available to every child in the UK.

Andy Laver

His expertise is to bring be.Streetwise to life through digital channels. Andy ignites ideas into colour, graphics, pictures and videos. His many years of marketing experience allow us to reach out with our mission to make be.Streetwise available to schools and businesses in the UK.


At be.Streetwise we believe every young person should be taught the skills to deal with aggression, confrontation, and violence. These skills need to be taught in ethically, and in a legally sound framework.
We believe that, as individuals, we are responsible for our own personal safety. When our personal safety is compromised, we are the first responders. We are the first on scene and it is our actions that will dictate the outcome of these difficult situations and encounters.
Many people think of personal safety and self-defence as a physical action. This is important, but we have to realise that many difficult situations can be detected and defused prior to them turning physical.
The Good Childhood report tells us that the biggest barrier to a child’s happiness is the FEAR of crime. This FEAR erodes self-confidence and resilience, and this will stay with a child into adulthood. As educators we have a ‘duty of care’ to empower our children with the ‘life skills’ for independent living. It is these true ‘life skills’ that will allow our next generation to meet the rigors and challenges that they will face in our modern world.

Our Partnerships

We have collaborated with the world’s best in their respective fields.

Blauer Tactical

Coach Tony Blauer has spent the last 3 decades developing the world’s most effective personal safety system. His company ‘Blauer Tactical’ trains law enforcement, military and first responders all over the world.

Clever Never Goes

The ‘Clever Never Goes’ programme has been developed to replace the out-dated ‘stranger danger’ approach.
‘Clever Never Goes’ teaches children to recognise when someone is trying to persuade them to go with them.
Clever Never Goes has been created to empower children, parents and teachers


Enabling parents to teach their children Personal Safety Skills

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