be.Streetwise FAQ’s

Who is behind the be.streetwise resource?

be.streetwise is the coming together of personal safety experts from around the world. It is co-ordinated & structured by Andy Privett, who has worked in this area for over 25 years. The resource is aligned to ‘Blauer Tactical’ who train law enforcement and 1st responders all around the world. At a junior level be.streetwise has collaborated with ‘Clever Never Goes’, a lovable robot who is transforming the ‘stranger danger’ message. All the information is brought to life by Andy Laver who is a graphic designer.

How is the be.Streetwise information presented?

The information is presented in short animated videos. Being 2 to 5 minutes in length, they are easy to access & digest.

By using this resource and information how will my child's self-confidence and resilience be increased?

The be.Streetwise resource is designed to increase personal safety and understanding in your child. This will build competence in your child’s ability to detect and handle potentially difficult & volatile situations. As competence grows, in this all important area, it will have a positive impact on self-confidence and resilience levels.

Do I sit with my child to go through the resource?

In the first instance, we suggest that you navigate the resource on your own, as a parent. Dependent on your child’s age and maturity, you can select & introduce the relevant videos and information, as you see fit.

How does this resource support good decision making?

The be.Streetwise information increases the options available when responding to a volatile or difficult situation. This is combined with an awareness of the role ego plays in decision-making and a legal understanding of actions & consequences. By combining these together, we create a robust framework for decision making.

What will my child learn from the be.Streetwise resource?

Your child will learn many practical and easy to implement personal safety strategies. In a broader sense they will develop an awareness of how to detect and defuse danger, before things turn physical.

What is a be.Streetwise Alliance Partner?

A be.Streetwise Alliance Partner is an individual or organisation where we can add value to their existing offering. In the right circumstances we will also work in collaboration to profit share.


Enabling parents to teach their children Personal Safety Skills

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