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Clever Never Goes: Helping Children to be.Streetwise

Personal safety skills revolve around good decision making, even at a young age. For this reason, be.streetwise has teamed up with ‘Clever Never Goes’,  a lovable robot who’s challenging the conventional stranger danger message.

We know that the traditional stranger-danger message has been taught in the same way for generations.  It has been rolled outthrough the education system and  the police. However, evidence tells us that this way of teaching confuses and can actually scare some children.

It’s now time to introduce a new way of thinking. Welcome to the world of Clever Never Goes.

Clever gets children to focus on someone they don’t know, or were not expecting,  asking them to go someone.  It is this single focus, that allows children to make good decisions with respect to staying safe.

Clever is being well received in the infant, junior and primary schools; and he’s being rolled out through safeguarding boards across the country.

“This is a super, well needed resource for children and gives an ideal opportunity to reinforce how children can be clever and keep safe, especially as they move up to Junior school and start to become more independent”
Key Stage 1 Teacher

Even at a young age, children can take on the responsibility of making safe decisions. In fact, they thrive on this responsibility. Through Clevers’ interactive teaching, young people quickly develop the skills and awareness to spot any attempts to coerce or abduct them.

To be.Streetwise we must always remember Clevers’ tongue twister:

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Special Launch Offer

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