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The 4 Attitudes to Personal Safety

The 4 Attitudes to Personal Safety

Attitudes to personal safety vary from person to person, based on circumstances and experiences.   As individuals we all have a relationship with our ‘need’ (Maslow) to stay safe and make safe decisions.  Let’s explore 4 of these attitudes in a little more detail.


The 1st group are those who are paranoid and constantly worry. They repeatedly ask themselves questions such as:

Who will be there?

What time does it get dark?

Is there power in my phone?

In essence there is nothing wrong with these proactive questions. However, they are consumed by these types of questions, and as soon as they find a solution to one question the next one will appear.  In general, these people tend to be on edge and hyper-vigilant.


It will never happen to me. Denial and apathy are one of the biggest barriers to personal safety. Sadly, bad things happen to good people and we must plan accordingly. Affluent homes and people make excellent targets for the Bad Guy.


We often view danger as an external entity.  However, our internal thoughts, opinions and EGOS can be a greater danger. Our EGOs can drive behaviour that may compromise our safety.  For example, trying to look big in front of others or protecting the honour of a girl if you feel that someone is ‘looking’ at her (guess what, they won’t impress her).

The Prepared Group

The 4th group are those who are prepared.  This is the group we all need to aim to be in. This group can:

  • Detect danger in their environments.
  • Defuse situations that are getting out of control.
  • And, if need be, defend themselves in the legally and morally compliant manner.

This group has a sense of confidence and the high skill base and this informs intelligent decision making with respect to their personal safety.

If we are to be effective in our ability to stay safe we need a proactive approach.  An approach based on probability and one that detects and avoid situations as they start to materialise.  If we are able to do this, we will have a belief and confidence in ourselves, which will act as a buffer and barrier to any bad guys intentions.

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