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The 3 Ds

A simple approach to Personal Safety

Most of us see self-defence as a physical act, but we have to be taught how to ‘think’ about personal safety.  When we look at all the martial arts; karate, taekwondo and ju jutsu to name a few; we see the physical engagement with danger. If the Bad Guy does ‘A’ you respond with the physical response of ‘B’.

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Members Case Study : Ellie Personal Story

Members Case Study : Ellie’s Personal Story

Ellie speaks about her experience as a young girl whilst out shopping.

4 years ago as a 12/13 year old Ellie went shopping with her Mum at the local supermarket. Whilst her Mum went into the shop, Ellie went to get a trolley. In the trolley area, she became aware of 2 older guys staring at her. She immediately became uncomfortable which seemed to fuel their unwelcome attention. They made comments about her appearance and followed her into the shop.

Watch the video below to hear Ellie’s story in her own words.

Andy Privett reviews Ellie’s Personal Story

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